Have you ever felt like your life just wasn’t up to your standards? Or your body? Or your finances? Or let’s be completely honest and say your looks? Then you log into your social media and see all types of goals: #relationshipgoals #squadgoals #bodygoals #careergoals ...

Dear Boss, do NOT be fooled. You do not have to be like anyone you see on social media or anywhere in life. They are not the mark no matter how many people make it seem that way. If someone or a group is pressuring you to live up to something else besides your personal best, either personally or in your career, they do not have your best interest in mind. There is no problem in having a model representative that stands for what you are striving to. However, there is NO one quite like you. You are unique, handmade, custom crafted, one of a kind, one in a forever! Why would you want to be anything like someone else? Their gifts are theirs and yours are for you.

Years ago, I used to constantly compare myself to others. I was figuring out what I loved in them, and tearing myself down for not being as beautiful, or thick, or hair as curly,  skin as smooth, funny, outgoing, super fun, on and on. That didn't help me at all! I had to learn to embrace what made me so unique. I had to find out my purpose. When I discovered God’s unconditional love for me, meaning as I was right in that moment, not for my actions or what I had potential to be, I had great relief. I was finally at peace with myself.

God has also made you in His image and for a purpose specific to your design. That is who you are. A daughter of the Most High God. He made no mistakes with you. Admire the beauty in the creation that is called-YOU!

Pic quote: "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, your works are wonderful, I know that full well"
-Psalm 139:14

To appreciate who I was, here are a few things I had to learn:

1. List out the traits that I and others liked about me and put my focus there instead of the negative.
2. Praise other women for what they had, and not feel that I somehow had to be the same.
3. Encourage myself to speak positively about the things I didn’t like in order to change my perspective about them by speaking affirmations.

Here are a few affirmations to say each day if you need that reminder of how amazing you already are:

1. I am wonderfully made
2. I am unique
3. I am made in God’s image
4. I am perfectly me
5. I am gifted for purpose
6. I am one of a kind
7. I am confident in being me
8. I am free from the worries of others about what I do
9. I am unconditionally loved
10. I am a BOSS!

So Bosses, what are some things you used to dislike about yourself or compare? How have you learned to accept who you are?

Remember, this world needs you for a time like this!

Keep your crown up,

Felicia Morgan

IG: @feliciajomorgan

Twitter: @feliciajomorgan

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