We All Need Lizzo-Love


Maybe some people think it’s too much. Some people think she goes overboard. But in actuality, we ALL need that Lizzo love!


If I can’t love myself the way that Lizzo loves herself, who am I fooling? Regardless of what anyone says, regardless of how the media portrays her, she is who she is.


Now, personally, if you know me, I’m more conservative. But that’s not the point. The point is, Lizzo loves herself some her, and she does not care who disagrees. This day in age EVERYBODY and their mama has an opinion. And you never know, the things written on the internet may actually hurt her if she ever does hear them. But the important thing is that she is never deterred.


How many people you know stop doing something they love because of how someone else made them feel? They got offended once again! Well, not Lizzo.


You don’t have to like how she dresses. You don’t have to agree. But I think we should all put some respect on her name. In a society that constantly tells women: you’re too big, you’re too small, your nose is too wide, your thighs touch too much, your hair isn’t long enough, you need plastic surgery to look better and on and on, Lizzo has entered the scene to say “I am enough. Take me or leave me”. And THAT’S the attitude we all need a bit more of. Not in a disrespectful way. Not in an air of entitlement. But just a notion that says, “this is me”.


Love you for who you are. Love you for how you were created and leave all the extra comments at the curb they tried to drag you at.


If you haven’t heard it today: you ARE beautiful!!! Inside and out.




Felicia Morgan



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