What Do Feelings Have To Do With It?


How many times have you been hit with someone’s words, or indirectly by their actions, but couldn’t react? Or did you, but shouldn’t have?

As women, our emotions can range. They make us human and it’s okay in that regard. But, in life, and especially in business, we need to know how to manage them without losing our posture. No one respects an emotional leader. Whether you are an entrepreneur, supervisor, executive, team captain or mom we all have leadership roles we play in some fashion.

Keeping that in mind, there is a time and place for everything. I, myself, can be highly sensitive, so it’s something I’ve had to learn the hard way at times as I grow in my business endeavors. Here are a few tips I’ve learned to keep me clear minded in order to make non-emotional decisions in the business world:

Don’t Have Expectations

Hear me out! Keep your standards. But, realize that when you have expectations of what people will do, and they miss the mark (which is inevitable even if they’re good) that space between expectation and reality produces frustration. So lay all of that to the side. Know what you are looking for and make it a standard to strive for. However, don’t expect people to show up in ways you have no way of predicting. And then, know how to get the results even if someone gives you less than what you want.

Keep Your Composure

Just because you feel it, doesn’t mean you have to act it out. Especially in professional environments where people are looking for you to take the lead. Keep your cool, keep your head and focus. This also keeps you clear to make sound decisions as well.

What Is The Result?

Emotions don’t get you results. In the event that they can produce some type of result, keep in mind that format is only temporary. That’s not something that is sustainable. So if you can’t get what you want, is it really worth it?

Have A Healthy Release

This can mean different things for different people. Often, we can take what happened in one situation and bring it into another. So make sure if you need it that you find a way to release and declutter your mind so you are at peace. Maybe you wait to cry and get it out of your system. Perhaps you write, pray, exercise, play with your kids, go for a walk, or create arts and crafts. Just be sure that you don’t over indulge in something that is not healthy for you.

As you develop into the amazing boss you are, remember that people are watching you. How you handle situations and your emotions is something that people unspokenly notice. So don’t let yourself get the best of you. Be your best so nothing can rock you.

Keep your crown up,

Felicia Morgan


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