What I've Learned The Most From Red Table Talk


Red Table Talk burst onto the scene in May of 2018 with the beautiful Jada Pinkett-Smith, her ever-gorgeous daughter Willow Smith and Jada’s exuberant mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris. The ability to take raw emotions and real stories all while using an uncut lens of dialogue by taking a deeper look at issues that families all over the world can relate to in some way has not really been done at the level of Red Table Talk.

There is no sugar coating or holding back when it comes to what is talked about at the red round table. Topics ranging from motherhood, how to deal with grief, to race and even domestic abuse. These powerful and encouraging women are taking a deeper look and discussing what families all over the world may be experiencing, but not willing to share amongst themselves or even with someone else. Red Table Talk is allowing people from different walks of life and different backgrounds to come in and share similar experiences in a safe and loving environment. It’s allowing people to be able to hold themselves accountable and at the same time, show how vulnerable and imperfect we all are. Red Table Talk shows us that we are all human, going through similar things, but each one of us may be on a different level of what we all experience at some point in our lives. When you are sharing your past or even current traumas and challenges with the world watching, it’s always good to have people surround you in a loving and truthful capacity.

At the red round table, people are able to share what they’ve gone through with others without feelings of degradation and isolation. Exploring topics that are considered taboo or people tend to shy away from is what makes Red Table Talk so unique in my opinion. The show offers genuine words of encouragement and wisdom to help push you further into releasing and healing through difficult times. I feel as though the red table symbolizes death. Not a literal death, but death to insecurities, to heartache, to disappointment, to worries, to self-loathing and pity. For me, when I watch the show I see people allowing old things to die by laying everything out on that table so that good things can begin to sprout and grow from within and can be shared with the world. I see people healing when they are sitting at that table. Getting an opportunity to share their truths even if the world may view them in a different light. Being able to live and stand for what’s true and solid is what Red Table Talk is delivering.

I love and respect that Jada and her family give us an insight into their very private lives with things they’ve had to deal with and overcome. In return, she gives that same healthy space for others to say, “Hey this is me. I’m beautifully flawed, but let's have a conversation,”. I love that about this show. I can connect with people that I’ve never met, but have gone through an experience just like me that I may have not been able to completely heal from, but they have and they are giving me ways to get through those things and come out even stronger. I applaud Jada and everyone associated with Red Table Talk’s genuine desire to help others get to the root and core of topics that are centralized in most people’s lives but maybe they haven’t been given the space to talk and resolve those things. Communication is very therapeutic. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you haven’t moved on from something until you open up and talk about it; that’s when the real healing can begin.

What I’ve learned the most about the show is that it’s an inclusive space for individuals, celebrities and so on to grieve, release, empower, discuss and heal together. Those that are watching get to share in those experiences and possibly heal from the similar experiences being shared. As human beings, we all go through the same things, we are just at different levels of the same things. The fact that people can relate to someone they may have thought wasn’t relatable is a testament to how powerful the show is and will only continue to grow.

By: Etosha Bahaiddin

Instagram: @appleoftheeyes2

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