What’s your next venture? Are you trying to gain a promotion or a degree? To start a business? Do you hope to establish good eating or consistent workout habits? How about your walk with Our Creator? Is it your desire to pray more and worry less? Chances are whatever move you want to make, influence is going to play a part in more ways than one.

I’ve been reading about Nehemiah and his compelling leadership. When word came from Judah that Jerusalem was in bad shape, it bothered Nehemiah and sent him into a state of mourning. Then he, a humble cup-bearer at the time, prayed for God’s guidance and asked King Artaxerxes for a leave of absence so he could depart with the goal of rebuilding Jerusalem’s wall. Nehemiah engaged many, for building a wall would be no simple task. As he did his work, there were men who mocked him and tried to distract him from the task at hand, but to no avail. Because Nehemiah worked toward his purpose and prayed each step of the way, the wall was completed.

There are multiple levels of influence to this narrative. Nehemiah’s heart was broken when he heard that the survivors in Judah were in distress. Instead of allowing sadness to consume him, he acted. He grew his influence to accomplish a great mission and everyone, from the priests to the craftsmen to the king himself, played a part in his success.

The epic truth that was Nehemiah’s triumph translates to everyday life too. No matter what industry you’re in, you’ll only go as far as your team can carry you. When you need to accomplish a task, it pays to have a positive attitude and a plan- but without prayer, you could meet that glass ceiling much sooner.

Influence is two parts: what you gather from other people (places, things, and situations too) and what you share with the world. Are you standing back taking it all in, being a bystander while there’s a wall to be built (please insert whichever goal you keep talking yourself out of here)? Employers and consumers alike want you to feel comfortable sharing your unique perspectives, especially when you bring innovative solutions and positive vibes to the workplace or life in general. No matter how much you wish to downplay your reach, people are watching you every day so find a way to leverage your favorable characteristics. She who recognizes her ability to influence and pairs it with desire and prayer is an in-suppressible, unyielding force.

When mulling over that promotion, career move, or lifestyle change, seek genuine mentors and PRAY. Never be too prideful to ask questions and do all that you can to be receptive to constructive feedback. Your attitude is a bigger piece of your influence than you could ever believe. Remember the legacy of Nehemiah as you ascend; remain steadfast and stay prayed up.

Go get ‘em bosses,

By: Jeannelle “Jean” Lundy

IG @ thefitfreshmom

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