Why Is The Mirror So Powerful?


I remember being in high school, and my mom sliding an article ripped from a magazine under my door. My name is beautifully written in cursive on it. My mom often read and when she saw something resourceful would share it with me. But this one was different. It was about overcoming insecurity. I was hurt. Why would she give me this? I threw it on my dresser almost angry that she would give me that.

I look back now and realize my teenage emotions were fluctuating a lot at that point. I’m sorry I didn’t have a listening ear. Isn’t that how a lot of us are? We are so far deep in things that hold us back that when our loved ones confront us we are too afraid to admit it to ourselves so we get angry with them.

I was extremely insecure. I had no idea who I was or my worth. I never walked with my head high. I was scared to speak up. I never thought I was as beautiful as people mentioned. I felt overlooked.

And when you feel that way about yourself it’s hard enough to look at people, let alone yourself. So when I started course correcting to become more confident and believe in myself, there was one tip that remained constant: look at yourself in the mirror. Say affirmations in the mirror, compliment yourself in the mirror, pump yourself up in the mirror, speak life in the mirror, and say your goals in the mirror. Whatever you do that is positive and for you, do it in the mirror!

Why is the mirror so powerful?

It forces you to look at you for you. No judge zone. No outside voices. Just you. And when you start your day here and you are able to look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself how great you are, if someone says something contrary later, it won’t even matter. Maybe at first, it will. But eventually, you just know that you are that confident person you see in the mirror. You are able to use multiple senses to redirect your mind about yourself. You are able to see and hear the truth of your positive words. And when you reaffirm yourself in this way consistently, it’s only a matter of time before no one can change your mind about you.

So go at it Bosses, let yourself know just who you are. So many of us look elsewhere for validation and it’s time we stop. God says you are amazing and that’s the only repeat you need going through your mind.

What do you like to say to yourself in the mirror to get your self-confidence and self-love going for the day?

Keep your crown up,

Felicia Morgan


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