Worry Does Not Live Here Anymore


You know what spread faster than Rona in these streets? Fear!


I remember seeing in a Facebook group a girl from China asking for prayer because they were in quarantine. I thought “that’s crazy”. And months later, it’s right on our own doorstep. The funny thing is, I’m not even worried about the virus itself, although I do take all precautions seriously.


I’m more worried about the many nurses and healthcare workers I know, including my mom and several cousins. I wake up praying for them every moment I think about it.


Do not get me wrong, I do not take this thing lightly. I know some people directly affected by the passing of someone infected with COVID-19. But we need to stop feeding our fear and start feeding our faith. Having faith does not mean being stupid either. It means listening to those in authority, being wise, taking the necessary precautions, and keeping your eyes on the One above it all.


At the end of the day Jesus is still Lord despite any conspiracy theories, radiation affecting the coronavirus and so forth. Unless there is a solution that I can participate in, there’s almost no need in bringing it up, because I’m just going to keep my eyes on the One who directs my steps.


I encourage you, if you need to, take a break from social media. Take a break from the news. Take a break from certain friends and family members if you have to. We are talking about your own sanity, well-being and mental health. If someone is not adding to your peace right now, then you need to distance your communication with them at this time. Protect your space and your heart.


At the end of the day, as unfortunate as the passing of beautiful life is due to a virus, the good side is that most people are surviving. Here’s to victory, being a conqueror, and knowing that even in the midst of pain, we will overcome.


I’m praying for you all.




Felicia Morgan

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