Your Story Is Your Brand


Hey boss! How’s that quarantine time coming?


So many bosses and CEO’s have learned to reinvent themselves at this time. Although they are separated from human interaction (or should be at least) a lot of them are connecting more directly to those who have supported them right through their various social platforms. That list includes our very own Women Who Boss founder, Nathalie Nicole.


She’s been going LIVE this week from her Instagram and telling her story. And it is quite intriguing! Nathalie always has nuggets to drop being a businesswoman from a young age. So, I decided to share some insight that I’ve learned listening to her recently.


  1. Your story is your brand: your story is unique to you and you must use it to your advantage. Never get discouraged by what you feel you may be missing out on. You have what you need to equip your success story. Everyone can’t be the same, and there’s someone out there that is destined to connect to YOU and you alone, so don’t be ashamed what has gotten you to where you are.
  2. Reinvent yourself: Business is all about the reinvention. Once you reach a certain level, there’s another dimension ahead that is going to require another version of yourself that you haven’t tapped into yet. How far you go in life is determined by how much you are willing to continue to become a better version of yourself.
  3. Generosity is key: I have the privilege of seeing the generosity of Nathalie Nicole in person. You don’t see everything she gives. There is a lot she will never announce to the world. But I know beyond a doubt, that she is truly blessed, because she keeps on being a blessing.


If you want success in life, I suggest you follow a few of these tips above. But do not take my word for it, the next time she is on live and sharing her story, just listen to the example she has lived.


Did you tune in to Nathalie Nicole’s Quarantine Happy Hour? What did you learn? What insight are you looking to apply to your own life? Share in the comments below!




Felicia Morgan


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