• Keep Yourself Occupied Inside!

    Keep Yourself Occupied Inside!

    Here we are bosses! Weeks into the quarantine strongly suggested from government. Restaurants, beaches, shows, public gatherings have all been shut down in order for us to pay close attention to our awareness of COVID-19. This week, states have begun to have a stricter lockdown for residents.   Some of you may be getting antsy, so here are a few suggestions of how to...
  • Time To Boss Up

    Time To Boss Up

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    So, bosses, how you hanging in there?   It can be a bit hectic in a season of unknowns, new things are happening with multiple closings. But what do bosses do? They keep it moving and they find new solutions! So, here are a few tips to keep you on your toes this season:   Get the facts: news can tell you one side...
  • The Transition Is Real

    The Transition Is Real

    In life, sometimes you don’t do what you desire to do. Sometimes you have to do what you just ‘gotta do’!   I was talking with my mom about something, and we got on the subject of how she thought my life would have taken a different course. My passion for film and media in college did not pan out the way she envisioned...
  • We All Need Lizzo-Love

    We All Need Lizzo-Love

    Maybe some people think it’s too much. Some people think she goes overboard. But in actuality, we ALL need that Lizzo love!   If I can’t love myself the way that Lizzo loves herself, who am I fooling? Regardless of what anyone says, regardless of how the media portrays her, she is who she is.   Now, personally, if you know me, I’m more...
  • Be Strong!

    Be Strong!

    Hey sis, Did you watch the Kobe Bryant Memorial service? It was moving if you didn’t. Everyone did great. Everyone spoke in a way that I really felt as if I had known, been friends and loved Kobe and sweet Gianna. But what spoke volumes to me more than anything?   Vanessa Bryant’s strength!   Women we are so strong. And the hardest part...
  • Do Not Get Discouraged

    Do Not Get Discouraged

    This weekend was quite exciting. We saw a barrage of relationship goals, wedding photos, Valentine’s Day gifts, people traveling, All Star game floor seat views and more. The drip will continue.   Maybe you were single, at home and alone. Maybe your man forgot about Valentine’s Day and you were trapped inside due to the cold. Maybe you were working all weekend yet again,...
  • The Art of True Love

    The Art of True Love

    Have you ever been in close contact with an artist? An artist of any kind. They take their work seriously and they make it extremely personal. So, whatever you say about their work, you need to tread lightly. It’s a piece of them. They poured their heart into it.     For years, I dealt with a lot of insecurities, fear, anxiety, and people pleasing....
  • Conquering Depression With God Means Defeating It Together

    Conquering Depression With God Means Defeating It Together

    Several things happened in my life recently that freed me from captivity, a slave to this thing and the worse prison of all which will leave you paralyzed: depression. To be honest, I'm not going to doubt God by saying, "it may come back" I don’t need to speak those things over my life and doubt what God and I have done together, and...
  • It's OK To Feel

    It's OK To Feel

    Hey Bosses, how you hanging in there?   This week started out tough with the passing of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and 7 other beautiful lives gone too soon. They were all on a helicopter that crashed Sunday morning. Our prayers go out to all whose loved ones were on board.   Because Kobe Bryant had such an impact on the world, the...
  • Facing Me: What I Learned In A Journal Challenge

    Facing Me: What I Learned In A Journal Challenge

    For the first 21 days of January, I decided to do a journal challenge. The purpose of the journal challenge is for you to spend quality, daily time with God for 21 days and journal as you do. You have to be intentional and committed to setting aside real personal time with your Heavenly Father. Having accountability to complete it in the first 21...
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