Dear BossLady

Dear BossLady,


It’s a new month. This can be the time we often get tired. You’ve been running hard, grinding, hustling, and developing yourself. At times it may feel it’s not moving you anywhere. But, don’t get weary. Keep going!

That fight that you have in you was given to you for a reason. And when it seems you have no more, you will be refreshed with what you need. Take it one day at a time. Take care of you. Don’t be concerned with all you have yet to accomplish. Take a moment to stay encouraged with what you have done. There is greatness ahead for you, but it will happen in due time!

Enjoy now! It will strengthen you. Appreciating the present will keep you motivated and inspired for all the greater visions you have yet to crack open. Don’t let that overwhelming feeling over take you. Pray. Relax. Release it. You are a conqueror. You are victorious. Keep making it happen with no excuses.

Keep your head up beauty! Stay looking above the crowd. Shine where you are even in the dull feeling moments. It’s preparing you for so much beyond today. So go beyond your feelings. That’s why today must count. That’s why this new month, you have to get closer to what you are dreaming of. There’s no turning back. You came to take all that is meant for you and all of it IS indeed yours! Don’t back down!

By: Felicia Morgan

IG: @iamfeliciamorgan

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