Do It Afraid

For a very long time I was not living up to my fullest potential. As I got older it seemed at times that it often becomes the norm for people. Grown men and women still looking for purpose. Scarred from the past. But, if you dare to look deep enough, it’s all rooted in fear.

I didn’t know I had a problem with fear. Sure, when I’m home alone I hear extra noises that shake me for a minute or 2 and I turn the volume on the tv down. I feel like every spider is going to jump on me in attack mode as soon as I move in to kill it. But, I really had no idea I was hiding behind a fear of failure. Or that I easily would get intimidated because I was afraid of embarrassing myself or appearing inadequate. It may seem the norm to back down and stay where it’s comfortable. But, I was not called to the normal.

All my life I’ve dreamt of extraordinary things. In the 7th grade I wondered what I could do to get my name in a history book and have my legacy live forever. Fear will dampen your dreams. And if you are not careful it will do it silently. You think you are just being “yourself”. But really, you’re backing away from exploding your potential.

I used to fear showing my writings to people. It was so personal to me. I was scared people wouldn’t like it or even get it. Starting a blog was absolutely terrifying. But here I am!

So, as you go across these words be inspired to push through. Break barriers. Be the real you that’s been covered up. When you feel fear grasping at your core, you should know you are getting very close and that’s the time to push through with all you’ve got.

People who get anxiety about being on stage and those that get excited have the same symptoms. The only difference is when the sweaty palms, thumping heartbeat, quick breaths but the excited, they decide that those symptoms mean they are the most ready to take presence. The decision is YOURS! Next time in the midst of how you feel, turn your fear into your launching pad. Break your normal and soar into exceeding potential.


By: Felicia Morgan

IG: @iamfeliciamorgan