Invest in our youth! Our work reaches far into the community, bringing enlightenment and hope. We are helping youth and women realize that their dreams can be achieved. You can help Women Who Boss change lives globally through your financial support. 

Our program promotes a series of life skills workshops, with a focus on confidence/self-esteem, etiquette, finances, higher education, decision making, and communications skills. With your support, we will ensure that our girls/women will have  experiences and opportunities to thrive. 

Please consider making an investment in our future leaders  with a tax-deductible donation. We understand that there are many great causes competing for your gifts.  We ask that you consider the following when making your giving decisions:

  • We support a highly professional staff.
  • Our programs are rooted in research and developed based on community priorities.
  • All of our work is conducted in partnerships to make sure we reach the maximum number of people, and has the greatest potential to continue over time.
  • All of our work is tracked to measure progress.