The WWB’s University of Women Program is an education and engagement program aimed at empowering women through the provision of resourceful technical and vocational education. The one-of-a-kind program features several initiatives aimed at setting up boss ladies for lifetime success whether as successful career women or as budding entrepreneurs.


Our mission with the University of Women program is simple. Our major drive and mission is simply to empower girls and ladies to become superwomen who can easily contribute to social and economic development. We set out to empower fellow women to take up different skills and make their marks and imprints in different industries.


If you’ll like to make a positive change in your life starting from today, you should consider enrolling in this program centered on women’s career, business, and economic development. Through the provision of resourceful educational programs, the WWB’s University of Women sets out to build women who can become industry leaders in their field of interests.

The program is designed in a way to help women develop their vocational skills, and empower them so as to be able to play a significant role in social and economic development processes.


The University of Women initiative has a series of vocational and technical training programs. All of these are centered on women’s entrepreneurship and career development goals. The program not only provides skills but also sets out to educate women on other things they’ll need to be successful in the corporate world.



Here are some of the opportunities you stand to benefit when you enroll in the University of Women Programs



The Entrepreneurship Certification program is designed to help provide women entrepreneurs with practical business education, business advice, as well as networking. If you’re hoping to become a boss someday, here is your opportunity!


Our Workforce Development Program covers a series of resources, skills, and training to help boss ladies secure meaningful jobs with an emphasis on other aspects such as business and technical training to help with career development.


The Job Placement program is aimed at helping women job seekers make headway in their job searches. With the right resources, together we can help you find targeted opportunities that will help you launch or advance your career.


 The Makeup Certification program, aspiring boss ladies will be taken through everything they’ll need to get started in their career as a successful professional and certified makeup artist.


The Life Skills Program of the UOW initiative will help train our ladies in critical and creative decision making skill. The program will also focus on effective communication, healthy relationship management, and positive self-concepts, among others.





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