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Product Development Benefits


It's time to turn your brand into a booming empire. Our services will give you hands on support and help you enhance your beauty brand. In 2011,  Nathalie Nicole founded Plush Beauty, an online eco-beauty company. As the founder of Plush, I have weathered the ups and downs of being a business owner. I also undertook the task of branding Plush into several offshoots, including Plush Rx and Plush Enterprises. In 2016, Nathalie Nicole was able to retire from doing services because she built an influential brand that paid her residual. 


Nathalie Nicole is committed to helping other beauty professionals create LIFE AFTER THE CHAIR!


#4 Product Development Benefits: $997+

  • Product Ideation mastermind session
  • Ebook Creation/ PDF
  • Product placement
  • FB & Instagram Ad 
  • Private Labeling (Optional)
  • Membership to Women Who Boss Network- Believe, Brand & Build  Membership.



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