Personal Brand Kit


How it works:

  1. After payment, complete intake forms so we can get to know you better 
  2. Next, Book your first Game Planning Session with our elite team
  3. Respond to all emails that request content and needs to complete your brand 

What the Kits Include:

    Personal Branding Strategy Kit Benefits: 

    • Name signature Logo
    • A thorough analysis and deep understanding of your personal digital footprint.
    • Online Promotion Included
    • 3 Virtual Game Planning Session w/ Nathalie Nicole

    Website Kit Benefits: 

    • Create website that aligns with your brand needs.
    • Enhance provided content and sales copy to attract target demographic .
    • Help client design quality images that builds authority and thought leadership in your industry. .
    • Generates natural links and boosts SEO.
    • Help client build authority and thought leadership in existing industry.

     Social Media Kit Benefits:

    • 30 Day Plan with design 
    • Ensure client profile attracts new followers.
    • Photo enhancement training.
    • Learn how to take the perfect picture that pays.
    • Learn how to post on instagram and influence others.
    • Optimize social media profiles including Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook that exude your personal brand.
    • A social media communication cadence, content guidance and success measurement framework.
    • Strategic growth plan to increase your FB & Instagram.
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